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Shipping & Returns

Note to my customers outside the EU: I can pack up to 200grams of yarn into an envelope, the cheapest way of shipping. If you want to order more then that, try buying in batches of 200gr it will save you a lot of shipping cost. example: 4 skeins of krokus bought in one buy you'll pay 24.30 euro shipping, bought in 2 buys you'll pay 5.50x2=11 euro


Ordered products will be shipped within 3 workingdays if possible. Shipping costs will be charged. All handling costs are included in the shipping cost.

The Netherlands
upto 50gr: 1.50 euro
51-210gr: 3 euro
211-10000gr: 6.75 euro
10001-30000gr: 12.40 euro

upto 50gr: 2 euro
51-210gr: 5.00 euro
211-2000gr: 13 euro
2001-5000gr: 19.50 euro
5001-10000gr: 25 euro
10001-20000gr: 34 euro

Rest of the world
upto 50gr: 2.25 euro
51-210gr: 5.50 euro
211-2000gr: 24.30 euro
2001-5000gr: 34.30 euro
5001-10000gr: 58.30 euro
10001-20000gr: 105.30 euro

An estimate of the shipping costs can be seen by putting the products in the shoppingcart. Opening the shoppingcart and clicking on "Estimate Shipping" will show an estimate of the shipping costs for this order.


All products are produced with the greatest care and checked before being shipped. Should you have any complaint about an article you should contact within 7 workingdays of delivery.

Complaints are usually answered within 30 days. If this isn't possible for any reason you will be informed of the delay. will try to find a solution together with you and in case of production defects offer a return and refund. will not reimburse any shipping cost for returning the product.